Fun, professional, and effective lessons for every age group.


Kids 5-12

     Each instructor at West Side Guitar (WSG) has many years of experience working with younger students. Through this experience, WSG instructors have developed the necessary skill sets and methods for teaching youth lessons effectively. Whether it is learning to read music or a more open-ended approach, the right balance of curriculum is created to meet the unique needs and interests of each student.  This style of teaching keeps lessons fun, engaging, and productive as students build confidence in their technical foundation and simultaneously develop a passion for their musical journey. 



     Who can deny, sometimes teenagers need a creative outlet they can call their own.  Learning to play an instrument and diving into the world of music can provide hours upon hours of meditative relief from the stresses of growing up.  For this age group, WSG focuses on teaching students their favorite songs by artists they aspire to sound like.  This helps spark the motivation to practice, thus making the initial difficulties of guitar less defeating.  As students progress in their playing, new genres and styles will be introduced to develop a wide range of techniques and musical knowledge.



     From aspiring songwriters to professional artists, WSG has helped countless musicians reach the next level in their craft.   Whether you just want to learn a few songs to strum around the campfire or become the next Jimi Hendrix, no dreams are off limits.  Accommodating busy work schedules and hectic city lives, WSG will happily create lesson plans to match the pace and goals of each student.  Any aspect of style, technique, and theory can be covered at various difficulty levels and across every genre including Rock, Blues, Classical, Country, Folk, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Jazz, Alternative, Funk,  Soul/R&B, Metal and many more. 

Personalized curriculum with instructors who care.


With over 12 years of professional teaching experience and nearly 20 years as a guitarist/musician, Trevor Willmott has developed an effective, unique, and fun style of teaching.  With countless hours of practice in nearly every genre, Trevor designs custom curriculum to meet the needs of each student as they progress through their journey.  Because no student is the same, this personalized approach has proven the most effective for inspiring a passion in music and the motivation to keep learning.  

After graduating Belmont University in 2012 with a Bachelor's of Music in Jazz Guitar, Trevor has continued teaching, writing, recording, and performing music nationwide.  Having taught students from ages 3-80 years old, Trevor is a patient and encouraging teacher who believes in positive reinforcement and open communication during lessons. 



Since his early 20’s Derick Hill has helped numerous guitarists and musicians achieve their goals. Now after 35 years of teaching guitar and bass privately and for other music education organizations nationwide, Derick is calling Music City home. Derick’s professional music background includes many years of live performance as a rock/blues/country/classical guitarist, recording/session musician, music production, instrumental music, songwriting and arranging.

His formal music education began in Charlotte, NC while attending Central Piedmont College for courses in Music History, Production and Music Business. In addition, Derick studied music theory and classical guitar from accomplished music educators while living in Raleigh, NC. Derick believes that each student is unique and strives to help them learn the genres they love while incorporating technique, theory, history and appreciation for both the guitar and music as a whole.


After 5 years of touring extensively as a guitarist, Jesse Devine recently settled down in Nashville, allowing him to open up his schedule for one of his biggest passions; Teaching. His enthusiasm for music and upbeat personality make Jesse the perfect instructor for students of all ages and skill levels.

Jesse is a Berklee College of Music alumni with 15 years of experience playing guitar. During those years, Jesse has played over 700 shows, with various artists, all around the country. From this, he has gained a knowledge and practical approach for guitar that he enjoys sharing with others. Jesse’s teaching goal is to find each students’ unique interest, and form that into an applicable, achievable, and fun learning experience.